Philly Socialists: West Philly Branch

The West Philly branch was officially started in January 2014 and covers the West Philly / University City neighborhood.  It is currently inactive.

W used to have monthly meetings and socials, educational Red Talks, and other events. In addition we regularly do outreach by putting up flyers and tabling at events.  As of January 2015, we have twelve members (and a greater number of supporters). There are many opportunities to get involved in the organization whether you want to just have fun or help us build a new society.

As of the summer 2016, the branch has fallen into a state of disorganization and is effectively inactive.  Previously we had a branch administrator, preceded by a rotating leadership where people are elected for month long terms to fill positions including: secretary, meeting facilitator, outreach coordinator, and social organizer.   In 2014 there was a four person branch organizing committee that was active for one year.

Branch Constitution
The branch’s structure is outlined in a proposal that we passed on February 2015. (needs to be updated to include the new branch leader position)

Philly Socialists on Facebook If you want to see what we’re doing – the best method is to check our Facebook Page.

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