West Philly Workers Solidarity Network

West Philly Workers Solidarity Network

(NOTE: Currently this project is being run by the Industrial Workers of the World)

If your boss owes you money or is not treating you fairly, and you want to fight back and get justice then contact us!

Call us:  267-888-5217

Email us:  westphillyworkers@gmail.com

Fighting Bad Bosses

Often a boss will not pay the required minimum wage, withhold tips, will not pay overtime, will make false promises, compromise workplace safety, unjustly fire a worker, or otherwise abuse their position of power.

We are organizing and engaging in nonviolent actions to fight for workers rights.  Our goal is to build worker and community power in the West Philly community.

We prioritize using people power over using lawyers.

Our Process
1. We publicize our network to find workers with problems who want to take on a fight.

2. We meet with the worker(s) and decide whether we work together to launch a fight.

3.  We draft a demand letter.

4. We deliver the demand letter to the target.

5. If the target doesn’t take action to remedy our demands, then we take further actions (posters, pickets, etc) until they do.


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Seattle Solidarity Network  – the original and one of the most active solidarity networks.

Restaurant Opportunities Center – builds power for restaurant workers in Philadelphia and they wrote a report on “The Hidden Reality of Philadelphia’s Thriving Restaurant Industry”.