Philly Socialist Resources

Note: this page is out of date and includes resources that were current as of mid-2015.

Philly Socialists on Facebook

Events Calendar

General Email Lists (for all members)

Strategy, Policy and Programs – medium traffic. General discussion of what we should do.

Theory – medium traffic. Discussion of theory and news.

Women’s Caucus

Housing – Learn about exciting housing opportunities!

Jobs – Daily post.  Learn about exciting job opportunities!


Organizational Materials

Pamphlet – Who are the Philly Socialists?  PDF   —  Open Office Writer (editable)

Solidarity Network editable poster (Adobe Illustrator)

Solidarity Network Stolen Deposit Poster

Solidarity Network Bad Landlord Poster

Solidarity Network If Not… Poster
(this poster is too unclear about what the solidarity network is – but it could be improved upon and re-released)

Solidarity Network Unpaid Wages Poster

Solidarity Network Doge Poster (Open Office)

Sign-Up Sheet for Tabling (Open Office)

Philly Socialists Constitution: 2014, 2013, 2012.

Philly Socialists Constitutional Congress resolutions (most of these are available in the email list archives)

Philly Socialists Logo (SVG format)

Philly Socialists Sexual Harassment Policy

Matt’s guide to Proposal Writing and Campaigning

(I should add a branch meeting editable poster here)


Who are the Philly Socialists?  (2013)

Jodi Dean: A Party for the Left?  At the Philly Socialists.  (2014)

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